UNHCR's Calls for Expression of Interest for 2014 projects

The purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest is for UNHCR to solicit interest from existing or prospective partners who wish to participate in a UNHCR led operation, and contribute complementary resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind, and/or equipment) for achieving common objectives as will be agreed in a Project Partnership Agreement.

According to the new UNHCR Policy, we would like to invite your organization to submit Concept Note(s) for 2014 projects. Your Concept Note [1] should be in line with UNHCR strategic priorities for Serbia, highlighted in UNHCR's Calls for Expression of Interest. A separate Call is issued for each population of concern to UNHCR: asylum seekers [2a], refugees from Former Yugoslavia [2b], persons at risk of statelessness [2c], and internally displaced persons from Kosovo [2d]. A separate Concept Note should be submitted for each Call that you are interested in applying.

The Concept Notes will be reviewed by the UNHCR Implementing Partnership Management Committee that is responsible for selection and retention of IPs in accordance with the criteria stipulated in UNHCR's Calls for Expression of Interest. UNHCR's decision will be communicated to you by 15 November 2013. If your Concept Note is approved, your organization will be requested to develop a full-fledged project submission in line with UNHCR's standard requirements by 27 November 2013. Please note that only Concept Notes submitted in the below provided form will be taken into consideration for review.

We would like to draw your particular attention to the necessity to incorporate into your submissions the results of any participatory assessments conducted by your organizations with persons of concern to UNHCR, as well as gender and desegregated age and gender data whenever possible.

Prospective partners who have not previously worked with UNHCR and are not yet registered with UNHCR Headquarters are required to submit the Partner Declaration Form [3] with the submission of the Concept Note.

The deadline for the submission of Concept Notes is Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 3:00 p.m. Please include in a sealed envelope both a hard copy and an electronic copy (on a CD) of the proper documentation to UNHCR Belgrade, Krunska 58, Belgrade.

We remain at your disposal in case there are any questions or assistance required for preparation of the above documents. In this respect, please contact UNHCR Serbia Programme Section at +381 11 3082 100.

[1] Format for a Concept Note

UNHCR Calls for Expression of Interest:

[3] Partner Declaration Form

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